My Swim Buddy

From someone on vacation in Grenada

"….. My daughter and I swam the bay this morning.  I made it about halfway on my own, and the other half with your Swim Buddy.  It worked wonderfully well.  I so appreciate using it – I would be unable to chance the swim without it.  Thanks so much."

Janet Resler

Another satisfied customer

"Last summer I started swimming at the local reservoir.  The water was irresistible on a hot summer day.  I stayed close to the water’s edge though, too nervous to swim far out without a lifeguard on duty.  I purchased a Swim Buddy from Collin.  Wow, what a security blanket for the water.  Now I never swim without it.  It just gives me peace of mind.  Thanks."

Dana Davis

From the creator of My Swim Buddy

"Although I created this product for my mother I have become an avid user of it.  I’ve never been a strong swimmer but I enjoy swimming and snorkeling.  Since I first used it to test its comfort and ease of use I have been hooked.  I feel much more comfortable swimming and actually swim more and further than before.  And for snorkeling I feel much safer knowing that boaters can easily see me.  I don’t want to swim without it, I even bring it on vacations."

Collin Oneil

"I've always enjoyed swimming and, usually, I swim alone.  Several years ago my son, Collin, made me a "swim buddy" to take along with me on my long distance swims.  His concern was that a stray motorboat might not see me in the water and, also, should I have a leg or foot cramp or something worse, I could be in danger. Now I'll always have my "Swim Buddy" to keep me afloat.

It's been great!!  Actually, I've increased my distance swimming substantially because I feel so secure with my "Swim Buddy" which magically floats away from my body when I'm swimming ... so that I don't feel it and it does not hinder my swim strokes at all!  Also, any boats passing by definitely notice me!!! "

Lindsay Wade


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