MY Swim Buddy

Collin OneilI was born and raised in Vermont, a wonderful place to be an active child, and adult.  Some of my fondest memories are of swimming along the shores of Grand Isle in Lake Champlain with my grandmother, she with her swimming cap and me with my snorkeling gear.  These swims were a daily ritual, swimming along with Marnie while searching for fish, and artifacts.  Usually uneventful except for when a powerboat would speed right by us giving us both a fright from almost being run over. 

Fast forward to 2001, I had recently returned to Vermont to live once again in the area I’d grown up in.  I had many years of recreation management under my belt, and was soon hired for a park manager position, a job that I am still passionate about.  Among other things the park includes a reservoir, beach and boat launch. 

My mother who’s been a lifelong recreational swimmer soon began swimming there.  The park has no lifeguard and powerboats are allowed to use the entire reservoir.  So while I was happy to see my mother enjoying her long swims there, I was also very nervous due to the lack of a lifeguard and the potential for a boat to inadvertently run her over.  I decided that I would try to create something for her to use while swimming, something that would assist her in case she needed to rest and would easily be seen by boaters to warn them of her presence.  Another woman would come and swim long distances, she would push a swimming noodle to use for an occasional rest and as a kickboard.  This led me to an ah-ha moment: let’s use a brightly colored noodle with an adjustable strap to be comfortably and effortlessly pulled behind any swimmer: thus “My Swim Buddy” was born.  Since then many other swimmers at the park have asked me for their own swim buddy.  

So although I made it with only my mother in mind I’ve since made and sold about 20 of them for park customers, many of whom encouraged me to market and sell them, stating that there are many more people out there who could benefit from it.  So after 8 years I finally decided to take their advice and bring “My Swim Buddy” to the entire country. 

I now use it too, and most recently I used it while snorkeling in Puerto Rico. It was great! I was able to rest, clean my mask, and feel confident that boaters would spot me.  As many have now told me, I’ll never swim again without “My Swim Buddy”.

Thank you for your interest in “My Swim Buddy”, I hope it will improve your ability to enjoy your swimming and snorkeling. 

 Product Disclaimer

This product is not a floatation device.  It is not intended to be used as a life jacket.  Its purpose is to increase your buoyancy, and improve your visibility to approaching boaters.  Never swim beyond your ability.  Swimming can have its dangers: common sense is your greatest protection against having an accident while swimming.  Never swim where there is a large volume of powerboat traffic, strong ocean currents, or rapids.  The Swim Buddy is intended to enhance your swimming experience, but it is not a substitute for sound judgment and preparation.  Always tell someone or leave a note describing where you are going on your recreation adventures. Please swim with My Swim Buddy, but always swim with a human buddy too!




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