My Swim Buddy

Welcome to the Swim Buddy website!

My Swim Buddy is a high visibility, versatile floatation swimming aid.  This lightweight, comfortable, high buoyancy, user-friendly safety device is an inexpensive and easy way to greatly improve your next, and every swim.  With the peace of mind it provides, you will be able to swim greater distances knowing that should you need a rest My Swim Buddy will always be there for you.  Due to its bright yellow color, you can enjoy your workout more because boaters will now have a much improved chance of spotting and avoiding you.

Whether you are a casual recreational swimmer, fitness buff, hardcore long distance swimmer, triathlete, or snorkeler, this modified foam swimming noodle is perfect for all of you. 

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Use it just in case you need a rest, or as a signal to approaching speed boaters, as a kickboard, while snorkeling, or even to tow your young child.  It is the perfect tool for all open-water swimming endeavors. 

This is not a life vest or PFD, but in the event that you encounter trouble and need assistance while swimming, you can loop and clip the highly buoyant foam under your arms: this will help you keep your head above water.  Upgrade to the distress whistle version and you’ll always have an emergency whistle along, just in case.

So remember what we all learned as children, always swim with a buddy, My Swim Buddy.

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